Virtual Teacher Screensaver

Virtual Teacher Screensaver

A tool that will help you learn any foreign language
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Have you been trying to learn a foreign language, but haven't had enough time to do it? Would you like to learn a new language while you work or play with your computer, but you just can't get organized to do it?

Virtual Teacher Screensaver is a tool designed to help you learn any foreign language as you work with your computer. The program displays the words and phrases you are trying to learn, along with their translation. You can add new words to it, and use it to learn while you are taking a break, drinking some coffee. The words are displayed in large letters so you don't have to be actually sitting in front of your computer while you are practising a new language. This makes learning more natural, since you don't have to be concentrating on it while you are taking a break.

You can easily learn English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and other foreign languages. As soon as you feel that a word has been memorized, simply eliminate it from the list and it won't be displayed anymore. Also, if you want to practise and learn the pronunciation for any word, Virtual Teacher can pronounce it for you! You will need to download additional libraries from the manufacturer's website for that.

The program is fully customizable. You can include your favorite images, adjust the speed, add more dictionaries in many languages, and even change the voice that pronounces the words.

Using this revolutionary software, you will be able to learn many words during your coffee break or while you are working!

So start your journey to learning another language!

Fernando Soni
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  • Excellent method
  • Many languages available


  • The pronunciation voice can be distracting
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